Congos Posing For Pictures After Tourist Presentation (Photo by Oronike Odeleye)

Simona Esquina Beginning of Congo Season

Interviewee: Simona Esquina
Biography: Lifelong Portobelo resident, Congo “Cantalante"/lead singer, and ritual specialist Simona Esquina has been singing and dancing in the Portobelo Congo tradition since she was seven years old. Part of a family whose participation in the tradition extends more then five generations, Simona's father was the renowned King in the Congo tradition, Vicente Esquina. Simona is the great-aunt co-interviewer Gustavo Esquina.
Excerpt Description: In this brief excerpt, Esquina describes the ways in which Congo season begins in Panama on the feast day of San Sebastian with the raising of the Congo flag.
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Interviewer: Renee Alexander Craft
Secondary Interviewer: Gustavo Esquina
Date of Interview: 7-May-03
Interview Location: Interviewee's home in Portobelo, Panama
Interview Transcribed By: Gustavo Esquina
English Translation By: Oronike Odeleye
Ethnoracial Identity Discussed: Afro-Colonial, Afrodescendiente
Cultural Identity: "Revellín" or Primary singer in the Congo tradition, Congo
Location Mentioned: Portobelo, Panama
Congo Spaces:
Congo Characters: El Pajarito/ The Messenger
Congo Tradition Mentioned: Congo culture, Congo game
Cultural Organization: Congos
Themes Mentioned: Carnival season, Congo tradition
Cultural Festivals: Carnival
People Mentioned: N/A
Time Period Mentioned: N/A
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Timestamp: 00:25:25.2-00:27:48.2
Congos Posing For Pictures After Tourist Presentation (Photo by Oronike Odeleye)
Photo by: Oronike Odeleye