Do It Yourself

Interested in undertaking your own oral history project with DH Press?
Check out these resources:

PowerPoint: Download the PowerPoint for the “Behind the Scenes: The Making of Digital Portobelo” workshop, held 15 April 2014 at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (PDF version also available).

PowerPoint 2.0: Download the PowerPoint (or alternative smaller file) for the HASTAC 2015 workshop, held 28 May 2015 at Michigan State University (PDF version also available).

Data: Download the data for the first phase of the project.

Data Dictionary: View the data dictionary we used to construct the data. Note that this dictionary is for the original project, and does not include data for the Gallery View.

Transcript Formatting: View the protocols for formatting your transcripts for DH Press.

Additional Resources: Read more about using DH Press with oral histories in these two blog posts:  Blog 1 | Blog 2

DH Press Documentation: Documentation for DH Press version 2.5 and higher can be accessed here.

What You’ll Need:

Category Item Notes
Digital content Oral histories, transcripts Partial or full transcripts are required; use up to 2 transcripts per oral history
Tools Audio editing software E.g.: Audacity, GarageBand (Mac)
Tool for timestamping Express Scribe provides timestamps down to the microsecond
Spreadsheet software Spreadsheet should support UTF-8 encoding (Excel does not; OpenOffice does)
Web resources SoundCloud account SoundCloud Pro Unlimited account allows for unlimited uploads
WordPress Requires server space (free hosting at is not compatible); server space can be acquired via third-party hosting, such as HostGator
DH Press plugin Grab the latest version from GitHub and the base map library