Barrio Fino Part II

Comparsa Barrio Fino band members Gustavo Esquina and Angelo Esquina discuss the meaning of a recent cultural innovation in Portobelo, a music group called “Comparsa Barrio Fino.” Gustavo is a Congo performance practitioner and visual artist.

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Interview Details

Interviewees: Gustavo Esquina de la Espada, Angelo Esquina
Interviewer: Jeronimo Chiari, Oronike Odeleye, Renee Alexander Craft
Date of Interview: July 25, 2012
Location of Interview: La Escuelita de Musica / The Music School
Interview Transcribed By: Gustavo Esquina, Oronike Odeleye
English Translation By: Oronike Odeleye
Audio Link:
Download the Transcript:  English Transcript  |  Spanish Transcript

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