Andres Jimenez Impact of Tourism

In this excerpt, Maestro Andrés discusses the impact of tourism on the tradition, including the monetization of various aspects and changes in costuming. In describing the current tradition, he references the impact of the “the road” on the town. At this point in the recording, the tape appears to have sped up causing distortion.

Simona Esquina Changes to the Role of the Pajarito

In this excerpt, Esquina discusses the changes she has seen in the Congo tradition over the course of her lifetime. Specifically, she talks about the role that Pajarito, the Little Bird, once played in the Congo game, and the ways in which the character and the game have shifted. The construction of the road signaled the end of the game as one between neighboring Congo Kingdoms who competed to capture each others’ palacio/palenque. The contemporary game is between the discrete Congo communities and the character of the devil.