Carlos Chavarria Changes to the Major Devil

In this excerpt, Chavarría discusses the ways in which the Major Devil character has changed over his lifetime. He focuses particularly on his choice to follow his mentor’s example by wearing a smaller mask and discusses the value of smaller masks in relationship to the value of larger ones, which many younger devils choose to wear.

Ileana Solis Palma Studying Dance of the Devil

In this excerpt, Solís discusses studying the dance of the devil in 1994 under the tutelage of Celedonio Molinar, legionary Major Devil of Portobelo, Panama and receiving permission from the Congo King and Queen to dress and dance as a devil in 1995.

Carlos Chavarria Memories of Celedonio Molinar

In this excerpt, Chavarría shares cherished memories of his mentor, Celedonio Molinar, including seeing him “fly” from roof to roof as Major Devil. Chavarría also discusses important lessons and ritual practices that he learned from his mentor about performing the Major Devil role.

Carlos Chavarria Style of Devil

In this excerpt, Chavarría discusses his particular style of “Devil” embodiment within the Congo tradition and the way others perceive of his performance. He also talks about the respect devils from outside of the community give to the devil of the town they are visiting. Each visiting devil must submit to the rules of the game as practiced by the local community.