Andres Jimenez Changes to Devil

In this excerpt, Maestro Andrés discusses the changes he witness in the tradition after the advent of “the road.” He especially focuses on the changes he has seen with respect to the devil character.

Andres Jimenez Impact of Tourism

In this excerpt, Maestro Andrés discusses the impact of tourism on the tradition, including the monetization of various aspects and changes in costuming. In describing the current tradition, he references the impact of the “the road” on the town. At this point in the recording, the tape appears to have sped up causing distortion.

Carlos Chavarria Memories of Celedonio Molinar

In this excerpt, Chavarría shares cherished memories of his mentor, Celedonio Molinar, including seeing him “fly” from roof to roof as Major Devil. Chavarría also discusses important lessons and ritual practices that he learned from his mentor about performing the Major Devil role.