Margarita De Loney

Margarita De Loney
Project Role:
Co-Facilitator and Co-Convener
2017 Intergenerational Oral History Project Workshop

Marguerite L. De Loney is a PhD Candidate in the Department of Anthropology, whose research tackles the dilemma of heritage displacement and the structural violence perpetuated by archaeological projects upon local communities.  Her dissertation, tentatively titled: “Cartographies of Belonging: Decolonial Explorations into the Making of Place with the Community of Portobelo, Panamá,” studies how local communities give meaning to their landscapes.  Her goal is to generate maps that confront dispossession by facilitating transformative research that accounts for communities’ lived experiences, memories, and identities.  Marguerite’s research interests broadly include relations of power, alternative knowledge production, archaeological praxis, identity formation, and research justice.

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